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Client Scorecard

This example of a scorecard is very very interesting. I call it a typical dashboard rather than a scorecard because of its layout and lack of balanced scorecard orientation. However, I understand why it’s called the scorecard, because it literally allows people to score or rank their clients. So actually this “Client Scorecard” is literally a way of letting consultants score their clients. It’s an interesting project from the Freelancers Union of which I am a member. Take a look at this screenshot and then I’ll provide the link to the page.

client scorecard

In terms of design, I really like how there is a banner underneath the title that says “Have you loved/loathed a company that you freelanced for?”

Take a look at the scorecard for yourself here:

Freelancers Union Client Scorecard

Here’s a behind the scenes look at this scorecard project.

Members received the following e-mail asking for feedback on the project:

Here’s the e-mail they sent out asking for input on the new feature:

We’re tackling the problem of clients and companies who don’t pay from all angles. We’re building practical solutions to this problem, and our members are leading the way.

Now, you have an opportunity to shape a new tool that will help you and your fellow freelancers: the Client Scorecard. Once it’s live, you’ll use the Client Scorecard to scout out every new client and to report back after every gig.

Please take this short survey—the results will help us build the tool and make sure that it meets your needs. In the coming weeks, you’ll have opportunities to get more involved by rating clients and spreading the word to other freelancers.

Thanks for your involvement in creating this new tool. With your help, we’re looking to address the problems freelancers face—from unpaid wages to unfair taxation—to make freelance fair.

Members helping members while helping themselves. It looks like self-interest, but smells like patchouli.


Advocacy and Policy Director

Unfortunately, the survey has since been taken down and I didn’t save it.

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