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Dashboard Whitepaper on Agile BI

Here’s an interesting white paper on “self-service” business intelligence. Here’s the link: “Agile BI: Power to the People

About 175 IT leaders were surveyed about their business intelligence agility and implementations. It defined the 20 percent of users as best-in-class, 50 percent as average, and the remaining as “laggards.” The authors, White and Castellina, suggested that avenues toward self-service functionality show the clearest path toward agile BI. On that front, BI endeavors returned the most rewards when they moved beyond the traditional static reports and into collaboration between business and IT.

Sixty-five percent of BI users across best-in-class enterprises reported that data sources were understood and documented, compared with 33 percent of other enterprises that shared that same comprehension, according to the Aberdeen report. An even wider difference was found in the development of BI skills among management, with 53 percent of best-in-class users following through on this development and only 23 percent under development from the rest of enterprises.

Agile BI: Power to the People” prepared by David White, Senior Research Analyst in Aberdeen’s Business Intelligence practice, examines how the growth in data volume and data sources, combined with the increasing demand for timely management information, are driving organizations to seek a more agile and flexible approach to business intelligence. Business intelligence is being used to support tactical decision-making at the line of business level. For this to be successful, a flexible solution is required that can easily be adapted to meet rapidly changing business needs through a self-service BI solution. This document examines some of the key criteria required for self-service BI to be successful.

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