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Excel Tag Clouds

Here’s a pointer to an excellent Microsoft Excel tutorial that discusses how to create word tag clouds in excel. Specifically, it shows you how to insert Wordle tag clouds in your excel dashboards.

What is a tag cloud? It’s an information visualization device that represents the weight, frequency and overall relevance of certain terms in a document. For example, here’s a tag cloud for the Springstein song, “Born in the USA”:
tag cloud for lyrics in springstein born in the usa

It was created in

Cool, right? But did you know that you can bring that wordle tag cloud into your excel dashboard?

Thanks to the Cleary and Simply blog by Robert Mundigl we have this excellent discussion of integrating wordle and excel. Take a look at

Wordle Tag Clouds in Excel

There’s even a download of the example excel workbook with tag cloud for you to play around with.

When you land on the post, you’ll see that this whole discussion was prompted by our friend Chandoo and his excellent excel dashboard tutorial. Remember this excel dashboard?
Excel dashboard tutorial

You can learn how to build the excel dashboard in this excel dashboard tutorial.


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