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Groupsite Enterprise Dashboard

Dashboard Spies love it when I show them business intelligence dashboard project artifacts. Here’s a look at a high fidelity mockup of the recently developed enterprise dashboard for Groupsite. It allows an enterprise to have a bird’s eye view of the digital communities spread across an organization.

Groupsite Enterprise Dashboard

This description is from the internal document that was leaked to me:

With the coming release of Groupsite’s Enterprise Dashboard, organizations are now empowered to gain actionable insights from all communities across their enterprise to spot trends, opportunities and potential problems. With Groupsite’s Enterprise Dashboard, marketing units now have the data at their fingertips to shape offerings and increase sales and brand engagement.

Groupsite is the industry’s leading SaaS platform for engaging external stakeholders of any organization. Leading companies, educational institutions, associations and government agencies have deployed more than 50,000 Groupsites to date. Groupsites leverage social collaboration to increase engagement in extranets, communities of interest, membership communities, supplier communities, customer communities and more.

Groupsite’s Enterprise Dashboard is comprised of the following:

Summary section:

The Summary section of the dashboard contains an at-a-glance overview of daily, weekly and monthly activity across a given selection of Groupsites associated with the entire organization or a select division within.
Additionally, the summary section includes trending and popular topics as well as a snap shot of the activity of select keywords and tagged users.

Statistics section:
The Statistics section of the dashboard contains a rollup of all statistics data including usage & pageviews, demographics & member stats, and email & invitation stats of Groupsites associated with the entire organization or a select division within.

Members section:
The Members section of the dashboard provides full profile data on each individual member that participates in any Groupsite community. From the dashboard, members can be suspended, or removed from all Groupsites in which they are associated. Members can also be tagged so that dashboard managers can easily track their Groupsite activity.

Groupsites section:
The Groupsites section provides detailed information on any Groupsite within the enterprise or division within. These details include member counts, branding, creation date, feature usage and more.

Syndicate Content section:
The Syndicate content section of the dashboard empowers dashboard managers at the enterprise or division level to add content directly to one or many Groupsites across the enterprise from the dashboard. Content can include the insertion of videos, system messages, blog posts, calendar events, surveys and more.

Here is a look at the details:

Groupsite Enterprise Dashboard Components

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