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Guess this Dashboard

Yes, I’ve railed against Dashboard Designers taking the Dashboard Metaphor too literally. (See this steering wheel dashboard for a really bad example!) But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the complexities behind a physical, real-world dashboard design. I’m speaking specifically about cockpits (the original inspiration behind all these digital dashboards we keep discussing.

I want to give you a great resource on cockpits and instrument dashboards, but first, let’s have a little fun:

Can you guess this cockpit?

Take a look and click the picture to enlarge it if you wish:

Can you guess this cockpit?

I’ll leave





so that


don’t see





Ready? Is that one complex dashboard, or what?

Here’s the answer. The photo is a view of the dashboard of one of the space shuttles!

I got that great picture from this resource:

Mega Dashboards and Instrument Panels

In my opinion, the space shuttle dashboard is the most complex one on the site. The simplest dashboard?

Here you go:

Ford Model T Dashboard

It’s got 3 simple gauges and it’s the 1923 Ford Model T.

Continued Happy Dashboarding!


Hubert Lee
The Dashboard Spy

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