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Microsoft Access Dashboard

A Dashboard Spy reader asked me for a Microsoft Access Dashboard.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I came across a product by OpenGate Software called Dashboard Builder for Microsoft Access.

dashboard builder for microsoft access

Will update you if I learn more about the product.

This from their site:

Visual Insight to Your Access Data

A key challenge every business faces is making use of the valuable transactional data collected every day. For businesses that rely on Microsoft Access to support business operations, putting key metrics at your fingertips can be onerous and require expertise with reports and SQL queries.

Creating informative reports and metrics that you can use to make solid business decisions generally requires numerous complex stored queries or custom VB coding.

Dashboard Builder is a powerful, flexible tool for Micro- soft Access that helps you benefit from the valuable data your business collects every day. Quickly define dashboards and key metrics you want to monitor, then find the answers to critical questions that help drive your operational decisions like:

 What is the average sales price for the current month?
 How many orders you received this month versus last month?
 How many projects are over budget?


Dashboard Builder is built for the average Microsoft Access user. If you are just starting out with Access Dashboard Builder provides an easy-to-understand inter- face to define key business metrics without being an expert in query creation. Experienced Access developers will appreciate the easy configuration, as well as the ability to access the full source code to enhance and modify Dashboard Builder as needed.


Dashboard Builder offers comprehensive features for Microsoft Access that you normally find only in expensive business intelligence solutions. Instead of spending the time to create compound SQL queries and reports, Dashboard Builder gives you essential business metrics all in one place…so you can focus on what’s really important. And advanced capabilities like the ability to create dashboards for SQL Server and MySQL linked tables means your investment will pay for itself even if you decide to upsize your database platform

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