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Project Dashboards for SCRUM and Agile Development

This excellent article on Scrum best practices focuses on the use of project dashboards in an agile environment. Titled Agile Project Dashboards, this article focuses on providing a solid approach to Agile Project Dashboards.

The main indicators suggested for the project dashboard are:

  • Project Progress Schedule
  • Delivered Business Value
  • Product Release Burn Up Chart
  • Team performance
  • Delivered Story Points
  • Highlights
  • Risks
  • Next Steps
  • Timeline
  • Release Plan
  • Overall Project Status (Red – Green – Yellow)

Read the article for elaboration on each of the points.

Here is the premise for the project dashboard:

We should take a minute to think about our PO’s priorities and responsibilities. Many companies end up with former Project Managers running this role. If that’s the case, there is a big chance that the PO will be responsible for managing costs, tracking project schedule, people, risks, follow up on features for commercial releases, communicating, etc. In many scenarios this kind of information won’t be necessarily revealed during a Demo, during the Sprint planning, or even on the Retrospectives. If that’s the case, there’s a chance that the team will be disrupted at some point to be asked about this data.

The question that arises here is: does the team have sufficient information to help the PO identify some of these variables and indicators? Can the Team provide more business value, apart from the Product Increment at the end of each Sprint? Can we take advantage of our Scrum ceremonies to compile some of this information in a clear and visual Dashboard?


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