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Simon Sinek on WHY

Dashboard Spy email newsletter readers responded very favorably when I sent them this video by Simon Sinek. It’s a TED Talks presentation on “The Golden Circle”. It’s an amazing explanation of the WHAT-HOW-WHY of why some people or organizations are so purposeful and innovative. Take a look. The Apply explanation is incredible. After the video I’m going to share a great comment from a reader.

Wasn’t that fantastic? Here’s some feedback I got from Therese Bernier, PMP a Dashboard Spy reader who is a Project Manager in Healthcare IT that really sums it up.

Hi Hubert,

I finally got around to watching this TED talk, and I’m glad I did! The information about the limbic system is very useful, I now understand why some products appeal to me and why others don’t. I remember when The Gap came to Canada, they had bus shelter ads that just grabbed me. I can’t even describe the print ads, but I do remember how they made me feel. I don’t shop at The Gap anymore though, that news a few years ago about their factories in India made me decide “They’re off my list.”

Getting back to what Simon Sinek had to say… I read Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman a couple of years ago. That book explains the limbic system in great detail and how it controls our emotions. (When I read it, I wasn’t thinking about product marketing, I read it to improve my people skills.) My guess is someone at Apple thoroughly analyzed that book and used it to their advantage. BTW, I buy Apple products not because of a feeling, but because their product quality is very high.

Next time I’m looking for my next job, I will use that “WHY” aspect during interviews. What I do and How I do it is certainly important in an interview situation, but it’s the Why, why my passion for my field (Healthcare IT) gives me purpose (exactly as Simon Sinek said, why I get up in the morning), that will help me connect with the interviewers.

Thanks for sending!

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