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The Marketmesa Dashboard Story

Dashboard Spy fans know that I love a good story. Nothing thrills me more than when a reader tells me the “story behind the dashboard”.

Here’s the tale behind the Marketmesa 3D Charting dashboard as told to me by Charlie Rosendorf:

The idea for Marketmesa came about some years ago when I was trying to compare the performances of several stocks and mutual funds at the same time. I found that advertised mutual funds’ performances were presented from the best point of view, and dates, of their parent mutual fund family.

However, to get a more meaningful picture of relative performance, I needed to use dates important to me.

I needed something that could compare stock market entities of apples to oranges to pears. I could not find anything that performed that function, so I created Marketmesa, a 3D charting dashboard that can monitor the performances of hundreds, it turned out, of any entities at the same time.

Marketmesa is a ready-made feedback reporting tool that enables the rapid monitoring of entities and the affects that changes made by me or external influences have on an entity’s performance – no user design is necessary.

Entities can also be any business metric or each student’s academic performances in a school system, benchmarking crystalizes where resources can be conserved – or more need to be allocated.

The point is, Marketmesa can simultaneously illustrate a vast array of entity performances, helping to uncover opportunities for development.

The 3D Charts module empowered me to make at-a-glance assessments.

The Stocks dashboard module is designed to allow flexible slicing and dicing of the data for focused results.

Here is a snapshot of the Marketmesa Stocks’ Compare screen where most selections are made.


Events can be substituted for dates, i.e. event 1 = date 1, event 2 = date 2, etc.

The 3D chart examples displayed here and on the website can each display a different selection of up to 126 entities and up to any 16 dates each, or the equivalent of almost 2000 dials and guages.

The number of different 3D charts that can be displayed on one screen is limited only by your PC’s resources.

Because of copyright issues, only repeated fictitous data can be presented here:

marketmesa charting dashboard

Not all dates are created equal, and Marketmesa’s concept is so important the U.S. Patent Office recently granted me a patent.

Because Marketmesa can display so many entities at a time, it has the global artistic value of illustrating humanity’s efforts to serve itself with worldwide goods and services.

Now that’s an impassioned view of one’s dashboard, isn’t it?

Check out the Marketmesa dashboard at

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