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The Selling Out of Infographics

For quite a while now, Dashboard Spy readers know that I’ve been warning people about the “dark side” of infographics. I had a long conversation with someone who took me to task for being so cynical. Here’s basically how the conversation went.

This person LOVES INFOGRAPHICS. I asked him to show me the kinds of infographics he loved – and I ABSOLUTELY AGREE. These were real, legitimate information visualizations with lots of care and effort put into it. When done right, and with respect to the very real principles behind information visualization, there is nothing like an infographic to turn on that light bulb over the viewer’s head.

However, my side of the story was that the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry has found that infographics are awesome traffic magnets. The presence of an infographic allows a webpage to be easily promoted via social media, blogging and other means. From the point of view of many hard-core SEO practitioners, any infographic will do – regardless of quality. The result is a TON of cheap, poorly created infographics that are not “real”.

Whenever I try to warn people about this, however, I am always not believed.

Well, I finally have my proof of infographics being used as an SEO tool. Take a look at this infographic:

Christmas Cash Infographic

This is called the Christmas Cash Infographic. So what, you may say.

Well, take a look at the yellow button at the bottom. It’s being sold for a couple of bucks as an SEO traffic device on a web marketing forum. Click on this link to see the pitch and read the “inside discussions”:

Christmas Cash Infographic for SEO

I just noticed that the “buy button” was pulled down and that the offer is being withdrawn. Perhaps I’ve shed too much light on this sort of thing? Hmmmm.

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