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Washington State Economic Dashboard

As we saw with the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board Dashboard, Washington State takes the issues of accounting and transparency quite seriously.

They have a program called GMAP – Government Management Accountability and Performance. It was set up as an approach for the Governor and her cabinet agencies to track spending and tie it to performance. The business intelligence dashboard is a primary tool used by the various agencies to measure and manage their programs.

While some of the BI dashboards used are online (see above for the link to the transportation dashboard), others exist as powerpoint dashboards.

The powerpoint-based dashboard is titled The Next Washington and it consists of a series of slides with various metrics and economic indicators on them.

Here is a screenshot of one particular page with the “Economic Vitality Dashboard”. Click on the dashboard screenshot to enlarge it.

Washington State's Economic Vitality Dashboard

Washington State’s Economic Vitality Dashboard

The powerpoint is distributed via email as well as posted on the State’s website.

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For more information visit Washington State Economic Dashboard

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