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What Kind of a Business Dashboard Do You Have?

Is your dashboard an Operational, Tactical, or Strategic Dashboard?

This excellent article by Allan Wille of Klipfolio KPI Dashboards reminds us of how Wayne Eckerson’s Book “Performance Dashboards: Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your Business
” (now in it’s second edition), categorizes performance dashboards into the 3 types of Operational, Tactical and Strategic dashboards.

This from Allan’s article:

In a nutshell, Wayne defines Operational Dashboards as being focused on exception alerting, based on real-time or transactional data. It’s up to the user or a script to then act upon this opportunity or issue. OK, I’m with him so far.

Tactical Dashboards display data that is not quite as real-time as operational dashboards, and are generally not evaluated against absolute conditions. Contextual information, and the ability to explore the data, tends to guide users to the decision process.

Strategic Dashboards, according to Wayne, track performance against high-level objectives. As a result, these dashboards tend to summarize performance over the past month, quarter, or year. Strategic objectives are usually also the result of many underlying metrics, and require social analysis to digest properly.

Wayne goes on to describe which dashboards tend to be the most popular, and which ones amass the most users. Five years ago, strategic dashboards captured the popularity vote (in the number of firms having deployed this type). However, with the growth of operational BI outpacing traditional BI, I wonder if it’s still in top spot. Certainly there is no question about which dashboards capture the greatest audience … you just need to follow the pyramid of employment to know that tactical and operational dashboards out-number strategic ones. Some of our customer deployments range in the tens of thousands.

No matter what you call them, performance dashboards are seeing incredible growth. And, as the accessibility, ease of use, self-service, and costs become more competitive, this trend is not likely to slow down.

Read more at this link:

Operational, tactical, strategic … what kind of dashboard do you have?

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